Warren G Talks “G-Funk” Documentary Premiering at SXSW

Warren G made a name for himself as a solo artist when he dropped 1994’s “Regulate” and sparked the G-Funk era. In a new doc we learn about his journey.

Source: Warren G Talks “G-Funk” Documentary Premiering at SXSW


Tips for a Peaceful Holiday Season

  1. Take Yourself Out: Practicing self-care is an important part of managing holiday stress. Take yourself out to eat and relax. Bring a cute notebook or journal and relax as you plan to absolutely crush this holiday season.
  2. Plan:  Create a plan. Even if the holidays seem daunting, start with the end in mind and create a plan through January 1st. Talk with your partner to make sure you are on the same page and create a strategy to get through the holidays.
  3. Delegate: Everyone in your household should have a task, even your toddler. Make sure that you are not the only person preparing for the holidays. If no one will help, create a task list before special events. Implement the if this than that rule. If the tasks are completed on the list, then we can complete other fun activities.
  4. Budget: Create a spending budget and stick to it. There is nothing worse than post-holiday guilt over spending. This is especially important when you notice the kids playing with boxes rather than the toys that you purchased.
  5. Give: Create a plan to give. Don’t just share a thoughtful post about giving. Find an organization and a cause to give to. Volunteer as a family at a soup kitchen, or create a basket to give away to a caregiver that needs a boost during the season. Smile at strangers, and pay for someone’s coffee in line.
  6. Enjoy: Stay present during activities, and even in the madness, make sure to enjoy your children, friends, and loved ones. Having a miserable holiday is like sulking at someone else’s party. Enjoy and be merry.


Have we really come this far by faith? How does the impact of the recent election impact the fiber of the church in regards to religion and politics? The extremes on both the left and the right have attempted to leave the nation divided and scared. However, faith is a major part of the  church and along with its foundation is a resounding dedication to the moral obligations that are sometimes appear to be nonexistent in the church today. One part of that dedication to faith began with the religious piety of the Civil Rights movement.

One question to ask ourselves as we navigate the political terrain, attempting each moment to escape what appears to be a field of political and religious landmines, is the question: where is our faith? How does faith align with the various political movements that exist? Though we are only offered several choices, the main event, which has taken place has rocked our faith. It has also hurt our faith and left an impact on the historical tapestry of our nation.