Something New

I love the smell, and touch of new things. I have always been a shopper but I am especially excited when I purchase something new. A new book, dress, shoes, and especially totes are joyful purchases. The issue with new items however is that they must be cared for and treated delicately. Though I love things, and special purchases that are new I am even more ecstatic about new friendships and relationships. Not just romantic relationships but new encounters with special people that cross your path. It is a feeling that surpasses other emotions that are associated with new material items. When my new tote or dress gets worn I cannot necessarily restore it to the same condition. Though the idea of that a worn item now has “character”, it is not always visually pleasing. The same goes for new relationships with people; when they become less new sometimes it is not as pleasing as that first encounter. However, there is a satisfaction in maintaining and restoring that newness; nurturing and caring for that new “item” brings about a certain measure of gratification and pleasure. The key however is to work at restoring that newness and remembering why you chose that new thing in the first place.

“If I nurture newness while I have it, perhaps I won’t lose it~at least not for something less. And if I nurture what I keep, perhaps I won’t miss what I lost. “
Jan Denise (American Columnist, Author, Speaker)

Published by Eraina Ferguson

Wife, Mom, and Writer. Currently penning a memoir about raising my special needs daughter while earning three academic degrees.

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