Fairy Tale

As a parent I am often inundated with children’s shows and cartoons. There are often real life practical messages that take place in fairy tales and cartoons. I wonder if cartoons are really written for children, or if they are in fact written for the adults because the writers know that we will be forced to watch them countless times. Real life however is not a fairy tale  There are often real life stressors and factors that leave us overwhelmed and there is no prince charming to save the day. That is the difficult part to accept about life. It is real and sobering and you must continue on despite the difficulties you face. I have learned that despite difficulties you must move forward, just as I described in my sleepwalking post. One foot in front of the other. left.right.left right. Even though certain trials leave you spinning and you feel like you have little left, there is still that hope for a happy ending. Yes, life is not a fairy tale  but as Christians we believe that there is always a happily ever after.

Count it all joy whenever you face trials of many kinds. Because you know the testing of your faith develops perseverance…..so that you may be mature and complete. (James 1:2) NIV

Published by Eraina Ferguson

Wife, Mom, and Writer. Currently penning a memoir about raising my special needs daughter while earning three academic degrees.

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