Good Faith

When seasons change there are some things that stay the same. Most often it is easy to forget the season we just left. Now that the snow has melted and the hot and humid days of summer are here, no one remembers the cold hard winter. There is one day during the winter that I remember well. It was a cold Sunday morning in early January and the ice covered the sidewalk. I moved forward and walked slowly praying that I would not fall. I noticed that Taylor was especially careful but unafraid. She depended on me totally and trusted that I would not allow her to fall. As we made our way to “safe” ground where there was no ice, we were grateful that we did not fall.

Little did Taylor know that I was careful and depended on someone besides myself to assure that we did not fall or stumble. I prayed and trusted God, trying hard not to meditate on the the possibility of falling, but instead treading carefully and never looking back. That reminds me of that “now” faith described in Hebrews 11; believing that things would work out and treading lightly, knowing that there is a greater force sustaining you. Though the season has changed I would like to keep that kind of faith for this new season; treading lightly and trusting God. Because I know that He will not let me fall.

Hebrews 11:1: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen…

Published by Eraina Ferguson

Wife, Mom, and Writer. Currently penning a memoir about raising my special needs daughter while earning three academic degrees.

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