Brooklyn is a Verb

Brooklyn is a verb. To Brooklyn is to dance, to live freely, and to love. There is a freedom in Brooklyn that transcends time and space. You can live a good life despite your circumstances right there in that borough south of Manhattan. Living in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn from 2003-2005 was a life changing experience for me. It gave me more of an education than graduate school; teaching me through a curriculum of love, music, diversity, and community.

Brooklyn is a verb because, like the word summer, it commands you to do something. For example, people summer in Martha’s Vineyard. They bike ride and they swim in the ocean, submitting to their location and to the inevitable beauty of their surroundings. The same thing happens in Brooklyn. Engulfed by a sea of brownstones and delicious restaurants, you submit to the beauty of your neighborhood and before you know it, you find yourself smiling and dancing down the street.

After listening to my favorite Jazz artist, Gregory Porter, I realized Brooklyn is a verb. There is absolutely no other way. Listen, close your eyes and Brooklyn. 


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