Have we really come this far by faith? How does the impact of the recent election impact the fiber of the church in regards to religion and politics? The extremes on both the left and the right have attempted to leave the nation divided and scared. However, faith is a major part of the  church and along with its foundation is a resounding dedication to the moral obligations that are sometimes appear to be nonexistent in the church today. One part of that dedication to faith began with the religious piety of the Civil Rights movement.

One question to ask ourselves as we navigate the political terrain, attempting each moment to escape what appears to be a field of political and religious landmines, is the question: where is our faith? How does faith align with the various political movements that exist? Though we are only offered several choices, the main event, which has taken place has rocked our faith. It has also hurt our faith and left an impact on the historical tapestry of our nation.




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