Mommy’s Night Out: Great Food and Fun!

    There is nothing like a mommy’s night out to enjoy great time and good food with friends. The San Pedro Fish Market Grille hosted an amazing one year anniversary celebration of their Rolling Hills Estates location. The community joined the market for a family-friendly evening of giveaways, a live mariachi band, appearances by […]

We Must Protect Children with Special Needs –

For those who are parents to children with special needs, here are five ways to protect and advocate for them on their behalf. As the parent of a special needs child, I am outraged at the recent Facebook Live attack of a Chicago suburban special needs teen.  The video shows assailants beating and abusing the victim, as […]

Why I Forgave My Baby Daddy –

When I gave birth to my daughter Taylor at the age of 20, I knew that there would be some challenges. She was born with severe hearing loss, and displayed global developmental delay almost instantly. Her father’s lack of involvement compounded with her special needs created a sense of resentment and anger. However, after 16 […]


I always misunderstood the phrase good family. Most people use the phrase when discussing someone’s choice in dating. The term good family then serves as a part of a rubric to follow. My mother would often say, “Make sure he comes from a good family.” I thought she meant that when dating someone new, I […]