I learn from my students. Since children are so honest, they teach us a great deal about ourselves. Today something happened that sent me for a loop and tested my faith. It was a lesson in patience and trust. I had to stay calm and be careful not to panic. Over the loud speaker in…… Continue reading CODE RED

A Good Swimmer

My daughter Taylor is a good swimmer. This skill is commendable not only because of her special needs, but because she was never formally taught how to swim. When we lived in Connecticut, she took swimming lessons which has vastly improved her skills, but initially she was self taught. Among families of children with autism…… Continue reading A Good Swimmer

Good Family

I always misunderstood the phrase good family. Most people use the phrase when discussing someone’s choice in dating. The term good family then serves as a part of a rubric to follow. My mother would often say, “Make sure he comes from a good family.” I thought she meant that when dating someone new, I…… Continue reading Good Family

Love Affair

I finally feel the urge to confess my love for a certain institution. Though I chose this institution long before it chose me, I feel that now it is time for me to declare my love for it wholeheartedly including its longstanding traditions and historical relevance. There are number a of reasons but the time…… Continue reading Love Affair


I love to travel. The only reason that I stay as stationary as I do for weeks at a time is because I do not have a vehicle. Driving up 95 north towards New Hampshire chasing the the foliage yesterday was an awesome experience and day trips save my sanity. My bff Laura can attest…… Continue reading Fall


Now that the book True Prep has finally hit the shelves, I feel that I can finally put some of my favorite things on my blog. The book True Prep is the sequel to the book The Official Preppy Handbook. The sequel is equally as entertaining and I would love to have an autographed copy.…… Continue reading Prep


What happens when someone tells you NO. Most of us cannot bear to hear the word let alone say it. Even when paired with a combination of words, the word no seems difficult to inhale: no thank you, no more, no not right now, and no I am not interested. They are deafening to the…… Continue reading No


I have come up with at least one way to combat difficult times that we all experience in life. Gratitude. I know that it seems difficult at times and that many people have created legitimate slogans for Christianity based off this principle but I find it to be true: thankfulness and gratitude combat negativity. Many…… Continue reading Grateful


I wonder if true faith is similar to sleepwalking? As I walked a mile home today in the 90 degree heat I wondered about the similarities between sleepwalking and faith. At some point during my walk since I was emotionally and physically drained I wondered what would happen if for a moment I closed my…… Continue reading Sleepwalking