Team Player

Look out, we’re coming on through This time, we’re looking at you We’ve got the power to be the best The Knights will shine above the rest The time has come to prove we’re number oneOur mighty Knight spirit (jump) Will get the job doneAnyone who knows me well enough knows that I was a…… Continue reading Team Player

Meeting Jane Green

People that know me already understand that I have a wonderful passion for books. I love reading therefore purchasing a new book is a simple pleasure that brings me such joy. It is such a treat to shuffle around bookstores and find that secret gem. I had this experience a year ago shopping at the…… Continue reading Meeting Jane Green

Lil’ bit of good

A few months ago I was having an especially hard time coping with the fact that I had something good going and suddenly that something good was over. I immediately raced over to a friend and explained to her the pain I was feeling. “Why are you so sad?” she said. “Actually, I am more…… Continue reading Lil’ bit of good

Brand Me

Everything has a brand. A fellow colleague once asked me about my long term goals. She wanted to know why I wanted to pursue doctoral studies. “Why would anyone want to read and write all day?” she said.”I don’t believe in the idea of branding yourself as an academic,” she confessed. I reverberated the question…… Continue reading Brand Me

The Dreamers

I was recently called a dreamer by a very special friend. “We are dreamers,” he said.You can tell a dreamer because they have a simple formula for their success: impossible outcomes + difficult odds -doubt= success. It is tempting to find yourself thinking of a brighter day filled with better circumstances that include much simpler…… Continue reading The Dreamers