True peace is priceless. I understand that some people think that peace comes from material things, or from the comfort of others, but I have come to realize that true peace comes from God. I promised myself that I would not make this blog about religion however, it is difficult not to talk about God [...]


Besides the fact that the snow interrupts my Friday leisure day, it has also become an annoying byproduct of winter. I would love for the snow to stop. However, I must admit that it is beautiful and calming, and it looks the most perfect when it is on the stems of the leafless trees. I [...]

Day One

Ready.Set.Write. OMG I am starting a blog. This is a bit scary but I am ready for the adventure. I am acutely aware of the importance of words. With writing every word counts. Integrity, honesty and love. Lord help me to write about significant things and to use kind words. Amen.