Udacity UX Design Project

About me.

Why UX Design? Why now? Why me?

This project is an extension of my 501c3 for parents of children with special needs called My Good Life, and my memoir, My Good Life. Below is the link to our feature in LA Parent Magazine.

My Project.

My Learning Reflection

User Experience Nanodegree Capstone

Learning Reflection Write-up

Following the process of the Udacity course curriculum was an essential part of the learning process. After finishing each lesson, following the prompts for integrating the steps I learned was a necessary part of how I engaged in the course. Finishing the assignments and passes the quizzes at the end of each lesson helped build my confidence in accomplishing long-term success. During the process, I used the following programs and apps to help develop, document, and integrate the lessons into project form:  Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Miro, Figma, Zeplin, and Lookback.

I used my people skills and personal experience to first decide about what type of project to build. This is a critical stage because it sets the tone for how involved you will be in the project. When things get hard, you want to have a way to go back to. I knew I wanted to build something for special needs children’s parents because of my own experience as a mom of a special needs child.  As a content writer and a freelance template website builder, I brought my passion for content, design, and passion for tech to the table.

I first decided on the type of project and outlined the users, functions, and essential details during the project’s research phase. This is a crucial step because it helps you come back to the questions and profile you will need when engaging with users during your discovery phase.

After gathering two interviewees, I asked the questions outlined in the research portion of the project.

Over the implementation of the solutions, I had to change the background color for it to meet the standards of accessibility. It was a tradeoff but well worth it, especially since the users’ demographic are adults with special needs. Ultimately the design was received well by 75% of the users who tested it using the Lookback software were well pleased.

Published by Eraina Ferguson

Wife, Mom, and Writer. Currently penning a memoir about raising my special needs daughter while earning three academic degrees.

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