Nostalgia is definitely starting to set in. Though I have yet to graduate I am already missing Yale. I have not decided what aspect of the Bulldog experience that I will miss the most but overall, the transition to the next stage is bittersweet. I am fully aware that in order to start the next thing I must end my experience here at YDS. Still I want to remember this moment of love and safety that I feel as I am gathered with my sisters in Christ unpacking the events of the day and reflecting on God’s goodness. When I move forward to the next thing, I want to be able to look back on the warmness and safety that I feel in this moment. I want to remember that as difficult as the past 48 months have been, I have seen so many examples of God’s grace in my life. I want to remember that I am not alone as I travel to my next experience. I have the memories of friendship as evidence of God’s love for me.

Published by Eraina Ferguson

Wife, Mom, and Writer. Currently penning a memoir about raising my special needs daughter while earning three academic degrees.

One thought on “Nostalgia

  1. That is beautiful Eraina. So well put and so true. A good reminder that it is not on our own steam that we endure but through His grace and mercy.


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